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Take time indulge in the world of Cheap White Pat Schiller Womens Jers

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Long Iwa Allias
   I received this sheet as a Baby Shower gift from a family member, for my "Dream On Me 3" Extra Firm Portable Crib Mattress", and it fits PERFECTLY. I even put it over the foam pad that came with my mini crib (also from Amazon).... and the sheet fit BOTH the pad and the mattress snugly. GREAT! The sheets are so darn soft that I couldn't believe it. I went online and bought a few more sets. For the price... you just can't beat it. I'm going to buy a few more later on - something in every color. I highly recommend this sheet.
Paola Ruiz Saldaña
   These are "Value" sheets.  I purchased 3 of them to use with the CRESCENT MINI CRIB 50 COIL MATTRESS, also purchased on Amazon for a Davinci Mini crib.  No baby yet to see how well they hold up, but they don't completely cover the sides of the mattress, and I haven't even washed the sheets yet.  I don't suspect they will last long, as they are rather thin, but with a waterproof mattress pad it works OK.  They are cheap enough to buy a few of them and rotate, but overall for $5.99 it was a decent purchase.
Dricks Oddy Madriganoh Gaebue
   Perfect in every way ! Just remember to get a size larger than you think you need !
Rimel Hamdi
   It does have to be stretched to fit, but on that note, I had purchased the 3" mattress to go in the playyard. But works fine in the Graco playard.
Rachel McBennett
   I ordered a XXL because that is what I wear in other brands. I didn't quite compare sizing charts to other Jerseys I own, I wish I had. It fits about one size too small but matches the sizing chart perfectly, so no qualms there. The jersey itself is very soft. It appears to have a slithly thicker and softer feel than many light moisture wicking jersey. However, it does breath well and keep you cool. For the price, its probably the best shirt I have found so far. I will be buying again when a wider product line is released.
Tin Rivera Gnirap-ortsabla
   No thinking, just a bunch of kids doing crazy things. Very funny!

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