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Sports authority Cheap Pink Niles Paul Kids Jerseys with sophisticated

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Sam Potter : very good quality shirt.  Gave to my grandson as a gift, but shipping was way to high!!
Vanessa Saavedra Sanchez : It was very good
Sherry Rials Kordish : Just getting back to Cycling and tired of sweating in tee shirts so I bought these reasonably priced jerseys because they are well reviewed and reasonably priced. I haven't worn a different jersey in almost twenty years so I can't compare to others, hence 4 stars (keeping it real). I will say it's a vast improvement over wicking tee shirts. I like the zippered pocket that is big enough to hold my cased S5 phone. Much bigger phones (6" screen) wont fit BTW, but your wallet or ID still will. The other pockets easily hold less valuable stuff like my sunscreen, snack bars and a lens cloth for my glasses.  Oh as far as size goes I'm 6'4" 214lbs and normally wear standard XL shirts. I ordered these in 2XL because of other reviews. I'm glad I did because the fit is loose enough to be comfortable and snug enough to be functional but not embarrassing. An XL may have stretched over me but at 50 I really don't want that shrink wrapped look. Today is July 25, it's very very humid with a 98 degree heat advisory and, and I will still ride thanks to these shirts. I think that says it all.
William Thomas : I bought this for my boyfriend who is touring down California this week. It is bright and seems to be quick drying material (we will see his review when he gets home.) Happy with the fit. I ordered him a Large and he is about 5'11 165 lbs.
Paweena Sawadwach : Fits perfectly!
Catalina Francisca : As always, ECCO shoes are comfortable and true to size.

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