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Everybody enjoy to the full Cheap Kids Rodney Smith Limited Jerseys is

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Kristal Lyn Mantilla Bonggo
   I received this sheet as a Baby Shower gift from a family member, for my "Dream On Me 3" Extra Firm Portable Crib Mattress", and it fits PERFECTLY. I even put it over the foam pad that came with my mini crib (also from Amazon).... and the sheet fit BOTH the pad and the mattress snugly. GREAT! The sheets are so darn soft that I couldn't believe it. I went online and bought a few more sets. For the price... you just can't beat it. I'm going to buy a few more later on - something in every color. I highly recommend this sheet.
Zack Mayo
   These sheets rock. Affordable, so soft, fit the mattress perfectly. We've got three sets!

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